Crafting the Romantic Hero––Part V

Character interviews are an interesting way to bring out their personalities. Let’s do a short interview with Judah this time, and Tovah next time, and see what we come up with. Knowing the habits, quirks, and traits, physically and emotionally will bring your characters to life. In romance, your two protagonists must be relatable and likeable. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance #donnalhsmith #CraftingtheRomanticHero

Me: Judah, why are you so superstitious in this post-modern age of skepticism and reason?

Judah: I was taught to revere all sacred objects. I developed a healthy respect for the Torah. It is how I raised and what I believe.

Me: But isn’t that just religious ritual? And, do you have a personal faith?

Judah: I must follow the Torah and revere the mezuzah. These are good habits to advance in one’s personal life. I live by the Torah when it says that blessings and cursings will happen if I don’t follow the rituals and protocol. My “personal” faith? In the Torah, of course.

Me: Don’t you get tired of all the procedures and chants? Do they bring life and comfort to you?

Judah: Sometimes, I do get tired of the endless rules and regulations. At others, I’m almost afraid not to kiss the mezuzah or recite the Torah. I’m a busy man. I’m going places. I’ve got people to see and things to do to establish the U.S. branch of my father’s business.

Me: And what is your father’s business?

Judah: We have an umbrella of businesses under our corporation…technology, research, computers, marketing, etc.

Me: That’s impressive. Is there an individual business you’re in charge of overseeing?

Judah: No. It’s my job to see that all the managers of the various businesses have what they need to do their job and make sure the businesses grow.

Me: Quite a lot of responsibility for one so young, isn’t it?

Judah: (squirms a bit) I am dedicated to the legacy of my father—who has built and acquired these businesses under the corporate canopy. It is how I earn my living and show respect for my family.

Me: Thank you Judah. I know we just scratched the surface, but I appreciate you taking time today to speak with me.

Judah nods and quickly exits.

Hmmmm. How do you think Tovah will respond if he does that when she’s talking to him?

Finding your character’s quirks, personality traits, and way of speaking can be brought out in your character building through interview. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance #donnalhsmith #CraftingtheRomanticHero

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