Eternal Moments of the Day—Part III

ETERNAL MOMENTSIt really is those momentous little things that can make an eternal difference, especially if it comes out of the blue with no warning, a lovely surprise that both enriches and encourages you. It’s a connection.

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I had one of those last week. One of my college roommates whom I’ve kept in touch with over the years, actually she kept more in touch with me, called me again last week. We had a lovely talk, and we re-connected all over again. We prayed for and with each other. God was there, because he says in his word that where two or three are “gathered” as in our case, over the phone—He is there. We talked a little over an hour and it was very nice. It was an eternal moment in my day.

The important thing is—to connect. In today’s world of social media, I love it that Dixie, the paper plate/cup manufacturer has started a campaign to go “Dark for Dinner” on Sundays. Turn off your cell phones and unplug.

Connect. Make a difference in someone’s life just by talking to thConnectem in person and not on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook, but I control my scrolling and my posting. Facebook is a great way to connect with people you don’t see often or who live far away, or people you have no other way to contact or connect with except through Facebook.

Unfortunately, our cutthroat business society has latched on to the advertising aspects of it. And also unfortunately, that’s why I joined Facebook six years ago—to expand the chocolate business I no longer have. But a wonderful thing happened. I am now connected with people I used to know in college and haven’t seen in forty years. I am connected with people I’ve never met, but we are all in the same writing profession and we encourage each other. I find that amazing.

How do you connect? This past weekend, my BFF and I connected, and it was also wonderful.

Look for those eternal moments of connection during your day. Have you encouraged someone? Do you need encouragement? You never know what the day may hold.

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