Plowing Through to Peace—Part II

plow 1One thing I’m learning about peace is that sometimes it’s easy to lose, but we need to work to get it back. I had a really good week last week, I put together a routine, not a schedule of my days, and it worked really well. Then I was thrown for a loop on Saturday. #plowtopeace #amwriting

LassoI didn’t lose my peace when I too excited and happy to sleep Thursday night. Even though I was tired Friday, I was still peaceful. Then the “loop” I was tossed gnawed in me for a while. That, and my hip was sore, but I won’t bore you with the details. I worked at being positive. I wanted to look on it as a learning experience. When my peace leaves, self-denigration begins. Ugh. It isn’t pretty. I lost another night’s sleep. Yuck. When will I ever learn?

triggerAnd of course, the “loop” was a trigger I tried hard not to pull. Somehow, it got pulled and I struggled all night. The Bible says “weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Click to Tweet I can’t say I had joy in the morning, but my peace had returned. The rest of the day was very good.

Today, I’m tackling the project the loop threw with a positive attitude. The key is to keep plowing. Don’t stop trying. I’ve said to myself that my tombstone should read something like “She tried.” She kept trying, with the proverbial pointer finger in the air. I keep trying.

peace dove 3So, when I lose my peace, I plow through the negative to get back to peace. On the significance scale, this “loop” is fairly high, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s something that can be changed that can result in a positive outcome.

The reason I said last time that peace is a decision is that if we choose to hold on to emotional pain, no matter what the trigger, it will be detrimental to us state of being. Medical science research tells us that a lot of physical illness has an emotional cause. I think it’s hard on our immune systems, and it’s certainly hard on our minds. I think they’ve done studies that show that brain chemistry is altered when anger or other negative emotions are given too much control.

So, even though I may be weak, and descend into mental war, I will fight to get my peace back. It was a battle Saturday night. It took all night, but finally, I got peace, and a few hours’ sleep.

What about you? When you’re thrown for a loop, does it lasso you? Click to Tweet Leave a comment and let me know.

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