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Learn 2 Discern in October—Part IV

What voices are you listening to? From where is that voice coming from? It all boils down to three sources: Man, God, the devil. Which one are you listening to? #Learn2DiscernOctober @donnalhsmith @a3writers TWEETABLE

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Plunging the Depths of Deep POV –– Part IV

from Flickr
from Flickr

We’re discussing Deep POV, and how to get inside the character’s head to make the experience more impactful for the reader. Last time, we listed basic writing tips for deep POV. Only visceral reactions by the viewpoint character count for building deep POV. Click to Tweet #amwriting #DeepPOV

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Plowing Through to Peace—Part II

plow 1One thing I’m learning about peace is that sometimes it’s easy to lose, but we need to work to get it back. I had a really good week last week, I put together a routine, not a schedule of my days, and it worked really well. Then I was thrown for a loop on Saturday. #plowtopeace #amwriting

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Plowing Through to Peace—Part I

plow 1 I’m not a farmer, but I’ve done a lot of plowing in my lifetime. The kind of plowing I’m talking about here is plowing through to peace of mind and heart. It’s very hard work. It takes a lot of courage…courage to face emotional pain, courage to take a stand in faith, and courage to stand firm in the decision to plow through, and not give in. Click to Tweet #amwriting #plowtopeace

We’ve all had emotional pain, discouragement, and depression—times when we feel we’re at war within ourselves. It is a war, but we can win it with God’s help.

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Writing Unforgettable Fiction—Part III

Story Trumps StructureLast week, I talked about plot twists from Steven James’ Story Trumps Structure. This week, we’ll look at Character Struggles.

Here’s a great way to start it out: “To initiate your story, your protagonist will either 1) lose something vital and try to regain it, 2) see something desirable and try to obtain it, or 3) experience something traumatic and try to overcome it.” Pg. 42.

There are three basic types of character struggles: internal, interpersonal, and external. Click to Tweet

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Avoiding Cynicism

Winter's coming
Winter’s coming

It’s easy to get discouraged and cynical these days – and I don’t even watch the news. You know the saying “no news is good news”? I avoid watching the news for that reason.

But I’m actually talking about writing. Sometimes no news won’t turn out to be good news. I think it’s human nature to put off the bad. I’m still waiting to hear from two publishers and two contests. I was told by one representative of one of the contests that I’d hear something by the end of November.

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Writing Tidbit – Conflict

conflict in stoneIn life, we hate it. Well, some of us do, some of us thrive on it. Some invoke it, others avoid it. What is it? Conflict. It’s a must when writing a story. I’m not published yet, but I still have learned a few things about writing. And I’m going to refer to some of those things I’ve learned. Most of these tidbits will come from my mentor’s book Dance of Character and Plot.

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Writing Emotions – Love

Less is more, in my opinion. A kiss, using non-gory, but eloquent terms, can say much more than a description that focuses on a sordid way to tell about something that’s supposed to be beautiful. Especially, since I’m a Christian writer, I don’t like too much. It cheapens our language and I believe the author as well.

DSC00874There are different kinds of love. There’s parental love for a child, and a child’s love of their parents. There’s a brotherly-sisterly love between siblings. There’s affectionate love of friends who are close to us. There’s romantic love, which is mainly what I’m talking about here. Continue reading “Writing Emotions – Love”

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Writing Emotions – Part 2

Writing emotional pain is challenging. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote while my latest rejection was fresh and raw. This week, I thought I’d try something different. How would you write about your greatest joy? How would I? Hmmmm. I think I’ll have to think about that. And give it a try.

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

My greatest joy is knowing Jesus. I won’t get all preachy on you. But when I feel God’s presence like a blanket of love surrounding me, tears come to my eyes. That’s how I first felt Him. I was reading a book and I was actually reading about someone’s experience at giving God their life, when all of a sudden, I started to cry. I knew it was happening to me. I had no grid for this. I was raised in a United Methodist Church, and I had no real teaching about a salvation experience. It was more of a decision, made with the will. I’m writing about emotion. I don’t think I’d ever cried for joy before that. I’d only ever cried when something hurt, but this was different.

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