Learn 2 Discern in October—Part IV

What voices are you listening to? From where is that voice coming from? It all boils down to three sources: Man, God, the devil. Which one are you listening to? #Learn2DiscernOctober @donnalhsmith @a3writers TWEETABLE

The voice of man and his own imagination is powerful. We are created in the image of God and yet we also have creative ability. Think artists, writers, musicians, etc.

But there is also the spirit of man who can create his own thoughts based on his or her own experiences. Whether or not these thoughts have truth to them is a question that can only be answered if those thoughts are voiced.

Man is a tri-part being. We have a body, we have a spirit, and our souls. Our souls are made up of our mind, will, and emotions. Our soul is where our personality comes from and where our character is formed.

Our character is formed from our life experiences and responses to crisis, blessings, trial, testing, sickness, and injustice. I was once told that I was being tested. I was in a Bible School program, and what I was learning seemed to be in direct conflict to what I was experiencing at the time.

One morning, after not sleeping most of the night because I was wrestling with this disparity, at the end of the class period, a friend made a remark that drove me to tears. It was not a bad remark, it was her perspective. It was how I reacted to what she said. Classmates gathered round me and prayed. But I still “hurt.” I ran to the bathroom as the next teacher entered. The previous teacher, and the one in question, followed me and asked me, “What’s going on?”

So I explained. Her reply: “This is a test, and how you respond will determine your future.” Whew! You better believe I wanted to respond correctly.

My emotions were quite powerful and that whole weekend was a huge challenge to me. But I got through it, doing my best to respond and attempt to not show all that was going on inside me.

I talked about mob rule a couple weeks ago. Mob rule is “ruled” by emotion. The spirit of man can instigate mob rule, but at it’s root, it actually has a more nefarious source. We can get carried away to the point where reason is left behind, and we may end up doing something our conscience tells us later was a huge mistake.

When we allow our emotions to reign over our actions, we listen to the voice of humans. But even human voices can have an otherworldly source. We’ll get into the last of those two sources next week. Are you ruled by your emotions? #Learn2DiscernOctober @donnalhsmith @a3writers TWEETABLE

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