APD Part IX––And So it Begins

For five years, from the time I was a senior in high school, until I graduated from ORU, I had few rejection incidents. Then I graduated, and couldn’t get a job in my chosen field of broadcasting. Today’s job market is more sophisticated than the 1970s. Networking is rapidly becoming the best way to secure a professional position. Click to Tweet #amwriting #rejection #APD Back then, we used the shotgun, classified ad approach of job-hunting, with very little success.

When I graduated in 1976, we had a terrible recession. Everyone complains about the one we had in 2008. 1976 was a lot worse, at least for me, it was. When I’d apply for a job, back then, they said, always follow up. That was hard for me, because it usually meant they weren’t interested. Our local TV channels in Wichita, Kansas, had maybe a hundred applicants for a studio camera position, an entry-level position a recent college grad would normally have no problem getting. But with that recession, managers could afford to be picky. They’d pick one with experience who they could hire cheap.

Since I didn’t really have any experience in the field (college classes don’t count), I couldn’t get a job. People kept telling me in college, “You won’t have any trouble getting a job. You’re a woman.” Yeah right. Not.

So, I decided to go to grad school, because WSU (Wichita State University) had a “real” broadcasting radio station. At the time I attended ORU, they didn’t. It only reached as far as the cafeteria. After ending up with a practically useless master’s degree, I was told, when rejected, that I didn’t have “commercial” broadcasting experience. Sheesh. I couldn’t win.

And so began many years of getting jobs, getting fired, trying to find another job, trying to keep it. After only two broadcasting positions, both of which I got fired from, I tried to find something related, and that brought me to Pennsylvania. But that only lasted two years (the longest I’d had any job to that point). It was by mutual agreement that I didn’t stay. I had some serious misunderstandings while there––to the point where they wanted me to counsel with my pastor to see why I couldn’t communicate well.

So, here I am, a communications major, and I can’t communicate. My pastor, plus a friend within the agency, decided it came down to I couldn’t communicate with that particular group of people.

I understand now, now that I know what my problem was, that my miscommunications had something to do with my rejection issues. Didn’t know it then, though. Encourage and support those who have trouble holding down a job. There may be many reasons why they’re having trouble. All anyone wants is to be secure, feel safe, and be accepted, whether it be on the job, at home, school, or anywhere. Click to Tweet Provide that safety and you help someone heal. #amwriting #rejection #APD


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