APD––Part XV As We Come to The End

These last couple months, I’ve been sharing true life stories as I remember them about some of the most painful rejections from my past. I’ve also talked about the healing I’ve gotten in stages, and what God has done with that. Anyone suffering from rejection can be healed. It just takes love and patience. Click to Tweet #APD #rejection

I’m going to end this series today, and do some different things for a Tuesday post. I might have guest posts, author spotlights, other issue-related posts or series.

Eventually, I’ll be expanding on these blog posts and write a book, because God created me for a reason. I’ve been trying to find that reason my whole life. I’m just beginning to get a clue about what He might want me to do.

I’ve just recently learned more about my origins. You’ve read about some of that here on this blog. There’s more, but it’s not quite time to release the whole story yet. When it’s time, I’ll share more.

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Last year, I shared on this blog that I had many disappointments within only a few months’ time. I shared about a lot of them. I’m not going to detail those again, but I will say those were the last rejections I had. I didn’t place in contests either at all, or not as well as I wanted to. A couple of publishers turned down different stories of mine. Then, my ACFW state chapter folded. A Bible school didn’t hire me (because I was too old. They would never say that, but all the staff they did hire are under 40).

Well, I had to release all that. I had to let it go. That can be difficult for someone with rejection issues, but it’s basically forgiveness. And, forgiveness is a choice, an act of our will, even, and especially when, we don’t “feel” like it. But in the long run, it’s better for us, if we practice forgiveness. Our overall health will be better, and our peace of mind.

When something ends though, that creates opportunity for new beginnings. So, next week, we’ll have something new up here. Keep an eye out.

You may also want to check out my Rejection Issues section on this website. You can access it here. It has a list of APD symptoms from Wikipedia.

If you are suffering from rejection issues, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you’re coping. If you know someone who needs help, you may also comment and we can talk.

Thank you for your attention. The only time rejection issues are brought up in television or films is after the character has gone off the deep end into psychosis or criminal activity. Click to Tweet It doesn’t have to get that bad. Let’s work on it together. #APD #rejection

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