Finding Time in the ‘Busy’ –– Part II

Sometimes, you just have to say, “No.” As I get older, I’ve noticed that I need downtime in the midst of my ‘busy.’ Even if I’m attending a conference, I’ll choose to not attend a session or two––just to get a break. It helps. #findingtimeinthebusy #caringforothers

It’s not what we ‘do’ that makes us who we are; it’s who we worship. Around seventeen years ago, I finally realized that it wasn’t ‘what’ I did that made me who I am, it’s my identity in Christ. Once I really began to understand that, it didn’t matter whether I performed music, or had a role in a play, or was a ‘five-fold’ minister (which I’m not.)

When I was younger, I identified myself as a singer…well a singer wannabe. Or an actress wannabe. Or whatever.

More recently, I say I’m a writer, and I am. But first, I’m a child of the living God, a daughter of the King. Writing is something I ‘do,’ but it’s how I identify myself. This took me many years to realize, but now that I have, it makes all the difference to me.

The important thing to know is that I take time to ‘be’ instead of ‘do.’ God is more concerned about who we are becoming than all the service we could ever perform for Him. Click to Tweet

So, take that time to commune with God, and give yourself a break. Learn what’s really important.

My husband and I learned over the weekend that someone we knew had passed away. We didn’t know of it at the time. But we’re glad we went to see her a couple years ago in the retirement home where she lived. I featured her in a post –– Eternal Moments of the Day.

I’ve mentioned my Dying Grace friend. If I don’t get to see her again, because of my ‘busy,’ I know I did everything I could for her. We got together twice, when she was still able to have lunch, and I visited her twice at her home. She had questions about her faith. I did my best to answer them…and just love on her.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that: 1) we know who we really are by whom we worship; and 2) we take advantage of the opportunities given us in our busy lives to do what we can for others. Click to Tweet

What about you? Do you know who you are? Leave a comment and let me know. #caringforothers #findingtimeinthebusy

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