Writing Your Story from the Middle––Part V

How do you create a “mirror moment for our lead character? Ask your character a series of questions, and their answers will help you create their “mirror moment.” Click to Tweet #amwriting #writefromthemiddle

If you’re a ‘plotter,’ (as a opposed to a ‘pantser’) you’ll know at least where your story is going. For me, I’m working on my second book, “Rose’s Redemption.” Rose Rhodes changed her appearance in Meghan’s Choice on the outside. This second book will be where she learns that changing on the outside is not good enough to get past her past.

Here are a couple of questions to ask your main character, and I’ll answer them for Rose Rhodes. This is something James Scott Bell had us do in the Early Bird session at ACFW this September. It’s very helpful in creating that “mirror moment.”

What Do They Fear the Most?

What is your Lead character’s main fear? Write a scene where the Lead ponders that question. Here’s Rose’s answer.

“I fear discovery by the town that I’m really Rosalie O’Roarke, former dance hall girl. If they find that out, they’ll run me out of town.” Other things she fears: exposure by the man who beat her severely in Meghan’s Choice, and/or her mother, the Chesapeake Madam, who has moved to town, could also expose her.

What Will Happen if Lead Doesn’t Overcome Fear?

Conflict and pressure in your story will force the Lead to change. It’s the transformation of the character’s life that makes the story compelling. The readers identify with the Lead character in some way. They must like the character enough to want to read their story. How did that character solve the story problem? How will the character change?

If Rose doesn’t overcome her fear, her dearest friends will be greatly affected. She couldn’t have a happy ending to her love life. Her best friend, Meghan Gallagher, would be terribly hurt if Rose runs away. Others who care for Rose will also be disappointed. But most of all, if Rose runs away, she’ll hurt herself more than anyone else.

The mirror moment is a wonderful way to show the character’s inner thoughts. How did my life come to this? What will I do now? Who am I, really? Click to Tweet #amwriting #writefromthemiddle

Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror lately? What do you see? Leave a comment and let me know.

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