Writing Your Story from the Middle––Part VIII

How do readers know if the story they’re on with the Lead character actually shows the transformation of that Lead? Based on the “mirror moment” the character changes how they think, which effects their decisions, and alters their course. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writefromthemiddle

One way to show character transformation is to ask that character a question. Pretend you’re a reporter, and you’re doing a short character interview.

First Question: “Why did you have to go through all that?”

Your character’s answer may surprise you. In this exercise, I asked my WIP Lead character, Rose, that question. Here’s her answer.

Rose: I needed to understand that God loved me the way I was –– but I couldn’t change just my outward appearance. I thought that’s all there was to it. God wanted to change me on the inside. In order to do that, I had to face my greatest fears, including exposure of my past to the community.

Second Question: “What message do you have that will benefit the community?”

Rose: Don’t judge people based solely on appearance. Look at their intentions. See past their outer shell. Be changed by God’s love. Accept the past, but don’t be afraid of the change.

Proving transformation in your Lead character will give your readers a satisfying conclusion to your story. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writefromthemiddle

What would your answers be if you were interviewing yourself? Leave a comment and let me know.

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