God’s Special Effects — Part VI

Last week, I listed the Bible verse from Amos 3 about God revealing things to His prophets ahead of time. Prophecy is a gift. It’s not something we ask for, it’s something God gives. The prophetic significance to the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl is that it is finally time for God’s Prophets to Rise! Click to Tweet #GodsSpecialEffects #SpiritualGifts #SuperBowl2018

Friends, here’s what I felt God was telling me when the Eagles won.

The Lord wants his prophetic people to arise and take their place in the body of Christ. For years, a cry has gone out that personal prophetic ministry has not been particularly life-changing to those who receive it. Forthtelling has not been accurate, and ‘words’ spoken over individuals, churches, and elsewhere have not borne fruit. They have been shallow, with little substance.

Prophetic ministers need to pay the price, be intimate with God, and listen for his voice or receive his visions in a deeper, more impactful way. The New Testament says that prophecy is given for encouragement, exhortation, or comfort.

Understanding the symbolism of the eagle is important in comprehending the prophetic. Eagles can see their prey from a great distance. That’s why the eagle is often used to signify the prophetic gift. Because the prophetic gift ‘sees’ or ‘hears’ what God wants to do in the future. I ‘heard’ what teams were going to win or lose in games.

But first and foremost, prophetic ministers must hear from God. If we’re listening, God is always speaking. It’s the perspective we’re given.

The Philly SpecialI’m not the only one saying these things. The Bible says we see in part. I get a piece. Someone else gets a portion, and yet another person gets a different slice. It’s about the perspective you’re given.

On September 29, 2017, John Kilpatrick, pastor of a church in Florida, (a church that had extended revival in the 1990s), woke up to an Eagle on his back porch. The bald eagle flew and hovered over Kilpatrick’s truck until he left his property. He felt it was “A Prophetic Sign of the Eagles Rising.” That same morning, Andy Sanders of Syracuse, NY posted a word on The Elijah List. His word said, “America: I am Sending My Eagles Up into the Skies.” I searched The Elijah List, www.elijahlist.com. There were two words I feel which both have a piece of the perspective I was given. On February 8, 2018, Rob Gross a pastor in Hawaii, released “Go Where Eagles Dare” on The Elijah List.

I believe that not only was the eagle outside John Kilpatrick’s house a sign that the prophetic is on the rise, but I believe that Eagles’ Super Bowl win is also a part of that sign. The fact that God “changed his mind” in what I felt I’d heard, because he was teaching me to pray on a deeper level, shows me that God cares about everything that concerns us.

I encourage you to check out The Elijah List, and the two prophetic words I mentioned. Watch John Kilpatrick’s short video, and hear the word being read aloud. It’s very inspiring.

It’s not easy hearing from God, then having the courage to speak what we feel we’ve heard. It’s my prayer that as God’s Prophetic People arise, more lives are changed for the Kingdom of God. Click to Tweet #GodsSpecialEffects #SpiritualGifts #SuperBowl2018

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