Dazzling Dialogue—Part X

This week we conclude our series on Dazzling Dialogue. We could probably go on forever, and there are many resources you can look to make your written conversations sparkle and gleam. Six more Tools for Talk will make your dialogue sizzle and shine.  Click to Tweet #DazzlingDialogue #amwriting

Six More Ways to Spark Your Conversations

  1. Put Your Dialogue on a Diet: It’s easy to get “fat” when creating character chats. We usually talk with less words, and dialogue is a portrait of real-life conversation. Use more with less. More meaning, nuance, subtext, etc. with fewer words.
  2. Quiet!: Have you ever felt a loss for words? Or didn’t know what to say? Same with your characters. Sometimes, they’re not going to know how to respond either. Let them respond with silence.
  3. Running Thoughts: Use like a narrator at times. Like “Captain’s Log, Star Date…” We all know where that comes from. This can be included in your story, too. Or in a flashback or dream sequence.
  4. Dropping Words: Sometimes, not using a complete sentence ramps up the character’s personal stakes. The interruptions can put snap, crackle, and pop into your dialogue.
  5. Star Quality: When you envision your character, put a famous face to them. Could Cary Elwes play the hero or the villain? Could Meryl Streep play your heroine? This can be helpful when creating character dialogue. Who knows? Maybe your novel will be a bestseller and made into a movie and the person you envision could play part!
  6. Be the Star: Act out your own dialogue to see if it works. When we read silently, we think we know where to put a pause, take a breath, or smooth it out. Reading it out loud helps find awkward sentence structure, wording, etc.

Cut the Fat, Shut their Mouth, Narrate, Drop words, Add Star Quality, and BE the Star. All these ways will create Dazzling Dialogue. Click to Tweet #amwriting #DazzlingDialogue Do you use any of these techniques? Leave a comment and let me know.

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