March Winds — Part II

“Lord, I want an opportunity, and I want it now! This week!” My desperate prayer seemed to bounce off the ceiling. But within a day or so, God answered my prayer in a powerful way.

I knew that God was going to do some wonderful things this year, but it seemed nothing was happening. In January, I’d gotten an invitation from “new” relatives about coming to their two churches to teach writing, but there’d been no dates set.

It was either Saturday or Sunday night a week ago, that I prayed my anxious prayer. On Monday, I received an email and phone call from a dear friend who is the Managing Editor of a website I contribute to. I’ve been serving her as Assistant Managing Editor. She was thinking about stepping down. We talked about her reasons and the timing of it, and I understood. She wondered if they (the owner(s) of the website) asked me, would I take it.

I said, “Well, they have to ask me first.” The next morning, my literary agent, who is one of the owners of the website—asked. I replied that I wanted to pray about it for a day or so. But I realized that this was the opportunity God was answering my prayer with. I was awed and amazed. So, I prayed about it all day, and that evening during a service at our local house of prayer, I felt the Lord say He wanted me to take this opportunity. There’s more to this story, and maybe I’ll tell it sometime, but I got the message.

To say that I am astounded, is to put it mildly. But God wasn’t done yet. In one of my writers’ groups, He created another opportunity for September—to do teach workshops for a writers’ conference in Virginia. Wow! After I learned I was approved for that, I decided it was time to talk to my “new aunt and uncle.” I talked to my “new aunt” for nearly four hours Saturday evening. We had a wonderful time, and I have those two events to look forward to this year, too.

The winds of change are blowing. God is doing remarkable things in the earth. Will you ride the wind like a bird, or be blown away like shifting sands? Click to Tweet #windsofchange #marchforward #opportunityknocks

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