Crafting the Romantic Hero––Part VI

Last time, we interviewed our romantic hero, Judah. This time, we’ll talk to Tovah. Interviews are a great way to learn more about your character and show their thought patterns. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance #donnalhsmith #CraftingtheRomanticHero

Me: Tovah, you’ve met Judah now. What do you think of him?

Tovah: He makes me nervous.

Me: Why?

Tovah: He’s so slick and confident. I’ll admit he’s very handsome. At least I think so. (she giggles) And, he does have a pleasing personality, but I don’t know if I should keep my heart guarded or not.

Me: Do you think he’s the sort of man who would hurt you?

Tovah: Not intentionally. He appears to be an honorable man.

Me: Then, what’s holding you back?

Tovah: (she thinks a minute) Well, I’ve been burned before. Yes, it was a long time ago, and I was just a girl. But that experience taught me to be careful. And anyway, our schedules rarely intersect. I have my studies of the Torah, visitations of the sick, the weekly derasha, etc. to keep me busy.

Me: But didn’t you tell me earlier you were hoping to meet someone — because you were lonely? What’s a derasha?

Tovah: A derasha is like a Christian sermon or homily. A teaching. Sometimes I give one. (then, she pauses, looks down, and clears her throat) And well, I am lonely sometimes. Everyone is, aren’t they? But I have a very fulfilling life.

Me: Do you really think so? Doesn’t that close your heart off to anyone who might be able to make you happy?

Tovah: Like I said, I’ve been burned. I need to be careful and guard my heart as Proverbs says.

Me: Thank you Tovah, for sharing with me. I know it’ hard. I understand why you’re cautious.

Tovah smiles and nods.

If Judah had overheard this little interview, what would he think? Lots of obstacles they both need to overcome. That’s romance.

What can you show through a character interview? Characteristics, quirks, personality, and how they think. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance #donnalhsmith #CraftingtheRomanticHero

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