Happy New Year 2019! See the Possibilities—Part 4

What’s in front of you to do? Is it like “Let’s Make a Deal” — with Door #1, Door #2, Door #3? Do you have your fingers in many pies—or just a few? @donnalhsmith @a3writers #HappyNewYear2019 #Lookforward #SeethePossibilities TWEETABLE

One thing I’ve always struggled with is “guidance.” When we talk about “doing God’s will,” what does that mean to you? These days, we think of the thing we’re to “do” for the Lord—sometimes thinking less about who we’re becoming.

God is actually more interested in who we’re becoming than what we do for Him. Yes, He calls (invites) us to “do” things for Him, in accordance with our gifts and talents, interests and passions. But in the long run, it’s who we are that makes the difference.

When I was younger, I always read scripture to show God I wanted His guidance above mine. Because me—well, let’s just say that I would go through any door that opened to me. I figured that was His guidance. And most of the time, it was.

I’m in a place now though, where doors are opening to me that I didn’t ask for. It’s a wonderful place to be and I’m enjoying it. I have lots of interests, and I’ve always tried to use my gifts and talents to bring honor and glory to God.

Just within the last few days, I’ve had several doors open to me, some little, and one which could be fairly important to me in the future. Last year, I certainly had a bunch of important open doors, and I walked through every one of them. I had the time of my life.

This year, I’m steady as she goes, but open to whatever doors God wants to open to me. I already feel like this year will be a lot like last year—I’ll have places to teach writing and encourage writers, and I’m also working on creating my own door for an inner healing ministry. Not counseling, but a God encounter weekend where I hope many will find healing, hope, and refreshment. I’m taking classes to better prepare me for that time.

I also took a big step in response to a friend asking me to edit her manuscript for her second book. She’s a dear, 90 (yes, 90) -year-old lady from a local writer’s group who is just the most precious woman—so sweet. It will be a joy. Another writer friend asked me to take her place in writing three short “courses” for a new online fiction writing school that opens in April. That’s definitely part of my heart.

How do you know what opportunities or doors to go through? What is your measuring stick for guidance—an open door, an invitation, or your own idea @donnalhsmith @a3writers #HappyNewYear2019 #Lookforward #SeethePossibilities TWEETABLE

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