Super Blood Moon OR The Wonder in the Night Sky

Within the past five years or so, there have been at least six blood moons. I missed every one of them—until Sunday night. I thought sure I’d missed this one, too. What do blood moons represent? Is it prophecy? Is it even spiritual? Or is it a totally natural event? @donnalhsmith @a3writers #2019lunareclipse #BloodMoon #SuperMoon TWEETABLE

There’s a lot I could say about this, but I’m going to keep this fairly short. Blood moons have in the past been the object of a lot of superstition, prophecy, and fear. It’s possible there is prophetic significance. A lot of times I see that in things and events. This year, I was just happy to have seen this wonder in the night sky. Just because we’ve had a lot of blood moons in the last five years, doesn’t mean they’re common. They’re not. One more this century, and we have to wait until 2021.

In her book, Four Blood Moons, Dianne E. Butts says, “In the natural world, meaning in nature, there are only three things than can cause the moon to appear red. Some societies in human history have called these a “blood moon.” While God is able to supernaturally cause anything He wants to happen, He most often uses the natural way of the creation which He created to do what He has in mind to do. Knowing that, it’s perfectly logical to believe that the coming natural phenomena of the four lunar eclipses which will cause the moon to appear red while naturally occurring could, at the same time, be spiritually significant. In other words, just because these eclipses are happening naturally and not supernaturally doesn’t mean they are not spiritually or prophetically significant.”1 says this about blood moons and what they might mean for us. “From a spiritual perspective, eclipses are a time of release and transformation when we’re asked to surrender what no longer serves us.TWEETABLE

Our church, and many others are in a time of fasting and prayer during January. The fact that a super wolf blood moon occurs right smack dab in our fasting time means to me that God, who orchestrated all this—is encouraging us to put aside the things of the past; things that may have held us back and look forward to this new year. I like that—a lot.

Because I’m doing that. My blog series that posts every Tuesday, See the Possibilities, addresses this year and looking ahead.

1 Butts, Dianne E.. The Four Blood Moons: What They Are, Where They Are in the Bible, What They Mean, and Why They’re Important in Light of Bible Prophecy (Best of Bible Prophecies Fulfilled Blog Book 2) (Kindle Locations 396-404). Connections Press. Kindle Edition.

I’m excited about this year. How about you? What are you going to leave behind and move forward in this year? Did you see the moon Sunday night? Leave a comment and let me know. See the possibilities and take steps to move forward into your destiny this year. @donnalhsmith @a3writers #2019lunareclipse #BloodMoon #SuperMoon TWEETABLE

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