What or Whom Do You Fear—Part 2

We pray The Lord’s Prayer. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is (being done) in heaven.” What does that mean? Let’s talk about it. #nofear #amwriting #faithnotfear @donnalhsmith TWEETABLE

There’s been a lot of new revelation in the last number of years, (because the books are being unsealed in the spirit realm) and we’re beginning to understand what needs to take place before the “birth pangs or pains” (Matthew 24:8) begin.

I’m not an eschatology major, theology major, or pretend to have studied every jot and tittle of scripture concerning the “Last Days.”

I see that evil is increasing. One only has to look around to see that. But Jesus foretold all that in Matthew 24.

So, I’m back to my question from last week: why are you afraid when you see the evil that seems to be growing? It is a sign that Jesus is coming back.

But—it should also be a sign that the Body of Christ needs to wake up! And get the job done—preaching the Gospel—so that Jesus can come back!

I’m not afraid when I hear of how depraved things are getting in this world. It barely disturbs me, because I know that God the Father has seen all this in advance. Nothing surprises Him, so why should I be afraid?

It’s our job to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth—now!

Let’s not fall into the “escapist” mentality of “Jesus, rapture us now!” He IS coming, but let’s do our part so we have no regrets.

My part: I’m preparing to bring healing of all kinds. I’ve already started trying to help people around me by praying for healing and using my spiritual gifts to encourage them. I’ll be doing more.

Next week: What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? Let’s make a difference right where we are—to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth! #nofear #amwriting #faithnotfear @donnalhsmith TWEETABLE

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