Miracles, Signs & Wonders—Part 2

There’s a lot I could say about this, but I’m going to just share what miracles I’ve seen in my lifetime. Have you seen a blind woman get her sight back? Has someone you prayed for received a cessation of pain? Increased mobility? #miracles #amwriting @donnalhsmith

The first miracle I can remember being a “part” of was at ORU. And maybe I’ve mentioned this before. I don’t remember. President Roberts used to have partner conferences he called “Layman’s Seminars.” As students, we got to usher at those when it didn’t interfere with our classes. I always tried to take advantage of those opportunities to learn and watch.

At the end of the “seminars,” on Sunday morning, Oral would preach, then a double line would be formed. Oral & Evelyn would be at the front of the line, then the World Action Singers, any faculty or staff, and finally, we students.

I don’t remember which year this was—but I was in one of these double lines. A old woman was being wheeled down the center of the line by a young woman, presumably her daughter or granddaughter. She had obviously been blind. There was matter between her eyelids because they’d not been opened for a long time. Her eyes seemed to be all black, where you couldn’t distinguish a white of the eye, or an iris, or pupils.

She’d already received a lot of prayer. She turned her head my direction. There were probably five or six women students on that side of the line, all in a row, so to speak. As she turned her head our direction, she exclaimed, and I’ve never forgotten, “I can see! I can see — the girls!”

We all just praised the Lord! For His kindness, His goodness! His miraculous power! That this blind woman, whom I believe the young woman said had been blind a long time, many years, could now see! I’m still in amazement with God!

To the present …

I talked last week about some things happening for me.

I went up to visit my biological uncle and his church in northwest Pennsylvania in mid-May. He asked me to preach that Sunday morning. I preached on healing. Then, I prayed for his parishioners. God had given me a couple of conditions He wanted prayed for to be healed that day … that’s called word of knowledge … arthritis and depression.

I prayed for the first woman in line. She had arthritis in her hands. I prayed, then asked her to do something that would cause pain. She made fists several times — and smiled, saying, “I couldn’t do this before without pain!” And we all glorified God.

There were other miracles that day, and later in the week. I’ll get to those another time. What about you? Have you prayed for a miracle lately? Leave a comment and let me know. #miracles #amwriting @donnalhsmith

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