Miracles, Signs & Wonders—Part 3

I’m getting to the point that wherever I am, if someone needs prayer, I’ll pray. It’s kind of a cop-out to say, “I’ll pray for you” if you don’t pray right then and there. #miraclesatwritersconference #prayer #amwriting @donnalhsmith

After being at my uncle’s church in mid-May, I went to a writer’s conference to pick up an award (I’d made the finals, so I knew I’d get a certificate).

Fresh off the high of my uncle’s church, and seeing cessation of pain and increased mobility, I was confident in God’s ability to heal.

I didn’t go looking to pray for people’s healing, but the first evening I’m there, a friend asked me to pray for her foot. She’d had surgery on it, and her toes were painful. She got some relief, although we had to pray two or three times.

Another friend, whom I’d never officially met before, came to talk with us. She had terrible sciatic pain—to the point where she couldn’t walk more than a step or two without pain. I’ve had that before. It’s very difficult—although I think her pain was worse than mine ever was. So, the first friend and I prayed for this woman. I had her get up and walk some steps. It still hurt. We prayed again. She got an improvement. We prayed again.

This time, she could walk without pain! I loved it! God is so good!

The next morning, I met the first friend in the mid-morning. She had some exciting possibilities she wanted to share with me. Another lady came to talk with us. She had pain from a slipped rib. I don’t know anything about that except that she was required to wear a body brace to keep her rib in place. She wasn’t wearing it, because she said it was hard to breathe when she wore it.

So, my first friend and I prayed—and this lady felt her rib go back into place! Wow! Awesome! I felt nothing, but she felt it! That’s the important thing!

God is so good, and His mercy endures forever! He is so kind, and He hurts when we hurt.

I’ve prayed for about 30 people now—and many of them (more than 50%) had cessation or improvement of pain and increased mobility.

Wherever I am now, if someone is in pain, I’ll ask if I can pray. A couple weeks ago, at our local writers’ group, a lady had pain in her hand. While it didn’t totally leave, it did improve after praying several times. I might have continued praying, but we were being called to take our seats for the meeting to begin.

Wherever you are—there can be a miracle! You don’t have to be “weird” about praying. But when someone asks for prayer, just respond. Do it then. Why wait? #miraclesatwriteresconference #prayer #amwriting @donnalhsmith

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