APD Part VIII––The Blessing of ORU

If I thought high school was good, Oral Roberts University, (yes, I went there all four years) was a huge blessing in my life. The blessing of being with other Christian students and learning more of God was incredible. I experienced much more acceptance and healing while at ORU, with virtually no rejection. Finding the right learning community is important, especially for those with rejection issues. Click to Tweet #amwriting #rejection #APD

When I first heard that ORU existed, I turned to my mom and said, “That’s where I want to go to college.” I was so fortunate to be able to go there. My dad wasn’t exactly thrilled in the beginning. I could have gotten a clarinet scholarship at Wichita State University. I could have joined my high school friends and gone to Bethel. I could have followed my dad and brother and gone to Kansas State University. None of those places held much interest to me at the beginning of my senior year. But as soon as I heard that ORU existed, I “knew” I wanted to go there.

I love Facebook now, because I am re-connected with old roommates and old friends from ORU. It’s so nice to see what the others have been up to since the 1970s.

I’d only been there a month or so when I bonked my head on the corner of a countertop in gym class while picking up my rain coat. My head started bleeding and it scared me. I announced it to the class, and a young woman whom I knew about, because she was (and still is) so vivacious, came to take me to the school nurse. A native of Bowie, Maryland, Kathie Epstein was merciful and kind to me that day. You know her as Kathie Lee Gifford. The next year, I met her sister Michie. I loved them both and felt privileged to have even known them slightly.

One “rejection” incident was a great misunderstanding on my part. My precious freshman (we didn’t even know each other before) roommate decided to room with someone else at the end of our freshman year. I was upset for several days––until we finally worked it out, thanks to her. See how sensitive I was? It’s ridiculous. Cheri was so kind and understanding. We’re Facebook friends today. She still kids me about a greeting of “Good morning, Mary Sunshine” too early in the morning for her. I got that from my mother. Cheri though, needed more time to wake up.

Although ORU was great for my spiritual life, I was still quite immature and probably graduated with an emotional age of about 17––still not quite prepared for “life” as it would be thrown at me later.

As we grow, we learn how to move forward when we are hurt and disappointed. I had a lot of disappointments that weren’t rejections in college, but I made some lifelong friends, whom I have reconnected with, thanks to Facebook. Maintaining friendships, both old and new, are important to those who suffer from rejection issues. Click to Tweet Encourage those you know to give their friends a call, or email. #amwriting #rejection #APD

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